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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Social Media (But Were Afraid to Ask)

There’s so much to know out there in terms of Social Media as it relates to your company and your personal brand. Do you hear people talking about “Tweeting”, or say that “She Facebooked Me”, “Digg” that article, “Tiny that”, or “Crowdsourcing”…and you don’t know what they’re talking about?! Or you may have a vague idea and don’t want to contribute to the conversation, for fear you’ll use the wrong lingo? Professionals are feeling burdened today to understand and participate in Social Media and Social Networking, but the problem is that you don’t have the time to research it fast enough on their own, or have the knowledge and tools to develop your personal brand or business online. Or, maybe you simply want to learn more to add value to your company.

That’s where Savvy comes in. We provide one-on-one, confidential coaching to clients that are:

  • Senior Executives, who are experts in their field. They are the go-to within their company — their advice is sought after. They manage large teams, or big projects and important initiatives.
  • Individual Business Owners keeping their eye on their business
  • Mid-level Managers who are too busy doing their jobs to educate themselves or participate in Social Media
  • Entry-level or Recent College Graduates, who are unsure of how to position themselves in the marketplace due to lack of experience
  • Job Seekers who have gone through a recent transition — whether it means recently being laid off or exploring a new career

At Savvy, we provide the guidance and the necessary tools that give you a solid understanding of the medium and enable you to get up and running using Social Media on your own. Our simple process takes no more than 6 weeks and is an All Inclusive package where we:

  • Develop Your Professional Messaging (through answering our one-page, proprietary questionnaire)
  • Provide a “How To” Manual on creating a blog, using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Tailor an Online Social Networking Implementation Plan (What you will say, When you will say it and Where)
  • Provide 2 additional hours of Consulting (for any questions you may have)
  • Include you in the Savvy Strategy Insider’s Club that keeps you up to date on new technology education and Savvy’s POV

Total package cost: $1500. For Clients who sign up in April and May, we will offer at 15% discount.

In addition to the All Inclusive package, there is also an option to have Savvy implement your Social Media plan for you for an additional cost that could include:

  • Setting up your blog
  • Setting up your LinkedIn Profile
  • Tweeting on your behalf
  • Creating and maintaining your Facebook page
  • Etc…

Or, if the package mentioned is not right for you, we also provide one-to-one consulting at an hourly rate.

To learn more or get started today, call 917.747.5920 or email

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